Owner:__________________________________Home Phone:_( )________________
Address:_________________________________ Emergency Phone: ( )____________
Veterinarian:________________ History Of Seizures?: Yes/No
Breed:_______________ Name:____________ Color:____________ Sex: M/F Birth Date:_______
Breed;_______________ Name:____________ Color:____________ Sex: M/F Birth Date:______
Breed:_______________ Name:____________ Color:____________ Sex: M/F Birth Date:______
Should any boarding animal become ill,or seems to be in the need of medical attention,we reserve the
right to administer aid and /or to use any available veterinarian . Any expenses so incurred shall be
paid by the owner,in addition to other boarding fees.
Daily boarding charges begins at the date of check in until 9 A.M. The day of checkout. After 9a.m.
Another day will be billed. Customer agrees to notify this kennel in advance if there is any change in
the date this boarding animal is to be picked up. No boarding animal will be released until all charges
are paid in full. Any animal left uncalled for unpaid for ,shall be disposed of 7 days from the scheduled
date of pick up. Owner shall remain liable for complete boarding bill as well as all other charges
incurred in the care,maintenance and disposal of said animal as listed below.
The owner of the animal or his agent agrees to pay attorney's fees incurred by this boarding facility in
the collection of any boarding,grooming,or other charges incurred by the owner of this animal or his
I/We hereby release,waive,covenant not to sue and discharge Canine Cuts facilities,participants,owners
and employees all for the purpose therein referred to as “release” from all liability to the undersigned
and any and all loss of damage claims or any demand on account,accepts this area of being safe and
suited for the purpose of the animals use. Canine Cuts will not be responsible if any animal escapes the
premises in any way possible whether on or off a leash or by digging out or getting through chain link
I have read this release carefully and release Canine Cuts of any loss or damage.
_Owner or Agent of Pet:______________ Boarding Rate:___________ Date:_________ Facility___.